Digimon Masters Online Announces Find The Wanted Event

  • Digimon Masters Online Gold is often a very interesting franchise to express. It came following your boom of Pokemon, and lots of saw it to be a “clone” and zip else. But for individuals who gave it the opportunity and watched it, these people were changed forever. Digimon has lived off and on ever since, delighting fans with deep stories, epic battles, and also some fabulous video games. One from the ones that’s currently still in existence is Digimon Masters Online, a MMORPG that harkens back on the original Digimon series, and lets players dive in a unique take for the Digital World.

    But we all know, it’s not pretty much having a MMORPG, it’s about maintain players entertained while playing it, which means that special attractions need to get made. Well, Digimon Masters Online just started a different one that’ll have you ever tracking down a wanted Digimon. In “Find The Wanted,” you’ll be using a daily pursuit for find and defeat SkullSatamon. If you are able to  Digimon Masters Online Tera defeat him, you’ll obtain a special Bounty Box which has a random item inside. Right-click upon it to see what you'll get!