Digimon Masters Celebrates Halloween With New Update And Events

  • Joymax has announced today make fish an array of eerie events in honor of Halloween come in store because of its free-to-play, 3D MMORPG,  Digimon Masters Online Tera , based about the popular Japanese animation series Digimon.  With the latest Digimon and nine action-packed events, players can visit the spooktacularly decorated Digital World starting today through November 20th. Players can visit the Joymax portal now at  and enable the trick or treating begin!

    Its time for ringing doorbells for treats the DMO Gold way! Instead of wandering around knocking on doors, treats the same shape as Jack-o-Lanterns will drop from various monsters inside the field. Players should grab possibly they can as grand prizes get to those who've the highest amount.