View of Digimon Masters Online Tera

  • Gear is sold inside Digimon Masters Online Tera shop also, in probably the most sleazy way imaginable: gear also offers an expiration date. In fact, apart from your digivice and also the crappiest of vendor sold gear, nearly every equippable item posseses an expiration date, ensuring either you spend an immense amount of your time grinding out money to get off of other players, or fork out your own real cash to keep replacing your stuff. Not only is the amount of money shop pushed time and time again, nevertheless, you really don't even get good value for this.

    And thats liable to bring me to my last issue: if the overall game can find a strategy to nickel and dime you for something, it can. Not just with all the cash store, but despite the presence of in game currency or events. Just about everything carries a currency cost added onto it. Digicloning? You need to choose the clone item, and after that pay an escalating amount of 
    Digimon Masters Online Gold in game currency for every attempt, meaning frequently you will literally pay to take down stats on an explanation.