The Awakening Expansion Will Be a Game Changer

  • For the past two years, POE Items has become redefining the action-RPG genre, and in a very few weeks the overall game will be launching its biggest expansion ever, The Awakening. Grinding Gear Games has received a dedicated team a final two years, attempting to bringing The Awakening your, and on the preview Technical Director Jonathan Rogers gave recently in downtown San Francisco, The Awakening's destined to be quite literally a game-changer.

    In the sequence I saw, Rogers' took a Marauder into among the arenas where iron cages released wave after wave of bloodthirsty pitbulls. The second portion of Daressa's Dream, a sunlit gladiatorial arena, was equally interesting. There, (I was told) Buy POE Items  can take on items like tigers, bull-headed centaurs and living statues.