The Atlas Releases Soon For PC And Xbox One

  • "The challenge league that we've added can be available through the POE Trade game, Wilson said. "It's besides available from the end-game. The way challenge leagues work, it's just like the opportunity for a new start, basically a brand new server. And we encourage everyone to start a whole new character inside the challenge league."

    The War for your Atlas is coming to Xbox One and PC on December 8, and like other Path of Exile content, it's free-to-play. For European players who've needed to get into your game within their native language, this expansion will likely introduce German, French, and Spanish language options on the game.

    And in terms of how long it popularized bring put this expansion together: "This expansion here appeared in 13 weeks," Wilson said, "and it also's bigger the initial game, which took us years. The first seven many years of Path of Exile's development was that has a tiny team, throwing our nest egg into it, finding out how to make games. And we've made, in 13 weeks, much more content with Buy POE Orbs a much higher level of quality, that's kind of scary."