the weather didn't cooperate at all for the event

  • The stepper motor Atlas also had acquired some strong competition for about annually, too. After the proceed to the suburbs I bought a Celestron CGEM, whose goto was far more accurate than that from the SynScan mount. I bought the CGEM for my C11, a NexStar 13 OTA, because I was hesitant to try to lift the massive fork mount onto it's tripod anymore. The CGEM that has a Losmandy saddle and somewhat heftier counterweight bar was more suited to the C11, I thought. Regrettably, the CGEM also became overweight for stepper motor me, and the idea followed Atlas out this door. 

    In a final bow into the cruel fates, I was mandated to send my beloved C11 OTA, Significant Bertha, to live using a new owner, too. WE miss the mounts, but sometimes I just now can't believe Bertha can be gone.

    How was the EQ6 doing before I bought rid of it? The mount could be great or it may be frustrating. At times this gotos were great. Usually accuracy was suitable. At times it was downright lousy. I got some brushless dc motor controller great pictures by it one Peach State Star Gaze not too long ago, but I was mandated to struggle to find targets on certainly one of my two nights--with any fast 80mm refractor onboard regarding God's sake. Most of these difficulty can, I consider, be traced to me not while using mount often enough for you to ever get really comfortable for it. When I'd do a fantastic polar alignment, be careful about putting the mount in home position, and be assiduous about picking good alignment stars, the gotos could be fine. Then I wouldn't use the Atlas again for six months, forget all that, and be lost in area again.

    How was that tracking and guiding? This was never a problem. Despite the presence of a fast 50mm guidescope, RMS manual errors were always below 2", which was over good enough for myself. And that was ahead of I discovered the delights of precise polar positioning with Sharpcap. I never did a PPEC recording within the mount, either.

    How with regards to EQMOD? It could give outcomes nema stepper motor every bit as variable for the reason that HC. I ascribe section of the problem to, again, me not using the set up enough to ever become adept at it. I might maybe fire up EQMOD once a year. I suspect my quick revision motor control board also contributed on the mount's occasional contrariness with EQMOD, too.

    Still, I do miss the big lug on the mount sometimes. It went to a good residence, though, and is getting used. I would certainly can’t you create any reservations about buying nema stepper motor another EQ6 mount. If they'd gotten to cut ten pounds over weight of the brand new and considerably improved EQ6-R, I'd undoubtedly have bought one for you to replace the Atlas plus CGEM--the price sure is usually nice. They didn't, on the other hand, and I'm very joyful penny pinching old myself bit the bullet plus bought a Losmandy GM811G as a substitute. Yep, with a Gemini controlled. But this mount includes the Gemini 2, that's indeed very user friendly and more advanced than anything I've used by cnc router kit Synta or Meade or even anybody else.

    Otherwise? I haven't visited the dark site in a long while. When you can apply pretty decent observing and also imaging from your secure backyard, it's hard to convince yourself to stop working a truck full involving junk for an evening with all the mosquitoes. Also, given the present nasty weather patterns, there's very little reason to drive 20 miles only to sit under hazy plus often cloudy skies. That's part of important I haven't been because of the Chiefland Astronomy Village cnc router kit in a long time, either. I thought about doing the winter Star Party when it absolutely was held there this 12 months, but as I suspected are the case, the weather didn't cooperate at all for the event. I had been happy I'd stayed house and avoided the drive as well as the expense.

    The final choice on Atlas? The mount always delivered home the bacon while i needed an image for a book or magazine post. If there's higher praise for some astro gear than that will, I don't know what it really is.