both online and page feed lights venture out and

  • H . P . LaserJet III powers at but appears dead
    "When I flip the power switch on, I can hear it power in place, but the none in the lights comes on and also the LED panel is in addition dead. " 
    (From: Donald J. Pittella (ddc_pitt@ix. netcom. com). )
    As you're say the unit 'powers up', POST assume you hear the actual engine power up (fan, commute motor, etc). Assuming that is the Lajerjet III (not IIIp or even IIIsi, etc. ), that can be done an engine test by removing a smallish cover on the bottom with the right side, removing this cover can expose a metal plate which has a hole in it. The hole exposes a switch to the DC controller nema 23 stepper motor which could print simple line check pattern. This will at the least confirm that the serps is working.
    The front panel LCD showcase and status LED's are driven because of the formatter board. The formatter gets its +5 power in the DC controller via (2) screws in which secure the formatter into the CD controller. If you remove the bottom plastics and bottom skillet, the formatter is that large main board. The DC controller will be the smaller board with several connectors that come with it.
    I am also making the assumption the fact that cable leading from the formatter into the front panel is attached at both ends?
    Also you can want to remove almost any options, (memory, optional I/O) as one of these brilliant options could be stopping the formatter from initializing and possibly bring on a blank display. NONETHELESS, the best guess here could be that the formatter is not obtaining power - check individuals screws between the DC control and formatter!
    HP LaserJet III frosty fuser
    (From: Flemming (flemming. gottsche@get2net. dk). )
    Where the fuser is cold and also the relay trips, check Q153 for leakage (C-B) which results in current leaving the bottom and charging C158. Whenever C158 is charged to about 3. 3 V, Q153 is fired up and the relay outings.
    The relay that is usually tripping is RL101, which actally is situated on another PWB approach transistor. This relay carries a very distinct sound, which has been mentioned consistantly in postings to a considerable amount of news-groups. stepper motor Both PCBs are put into the rear right corner in the HP LJIII.
    HP LaserJet III report jam
    "I have not one but two LaserJet IIIs that complain with regards to a paper jam about power up, right following on from the self test (i. age. before I've even had a chance to send anything to the actual printer). "
    (From: Terry (tmredding@worldnet. att. net). )
    Essentially the most likely cause of this concern is the exit sensor arm or photointerrupter or the dc controller board. Standing while watching printer with the top cover up most effective for you in the far kept lower corner.
    (From: Wong Sy Ming (siming@singnet. com. sg). )
    H . P . LaserJet III paper give problem
    My LJIII would feed paper past this registration assembly. Sounds like a mechanical problem right? Absolutely no, it was not mechanical but rather it was electronic problems. At first I replaced each drive transistors on the particular solenoid board thinking that one of these burned out but that didn't solve the problem.
    Then, the whole thing emerged apart as I tracked the connections for on the list of solenoids back to the particular DC controller board. There's more? One of the PCB traces close to the 78324 IC (large sq . one) was corroded apart. I quickly soldered any wire across it and now it works perfectly! Now I wonder what would've caused that...?
    HP LaserJet III mistake 50
    "My HP Laserjet III is actually giving a "50 Service" error. So something is wrong with all the fuser. But the lamp is not burned out. Also, that fuser roller is fairly clean.
    When I first turn on the printer, the light in the fuser comes on for the second. Then there's a click in the power supply (or around there), and the light source goes off.
    The 05 Self Test message comes up.
    Then Warming up (takes some sort of while).
    Then, both online and page feed lights venture out and "50 Service" is found.
    The power supply and fan are working and the ozone filter is clear. "
    (From: Geir Knutsvik (geirk@netpower. no). )
    Think about the fuser? Does the idea make heat? I have in most cases have faulty opto gadgets for sensing paper and drawers end in Error 50.