Something about Han Solo cosplay costumes

  •    Han Solo is the main character in the trilogy of the movie "Star Wars." He was originally the captain of a smuggled cargo ship "Millennium Falcon" and later became an important member of the Rebels. Later in Star Wars: The Force Awakens he was killed by his own son, Kylo Ren (Ben Solo).
       In the days with the Rebel Alliance, some of his past enemies followed him. The money that Solo owed to Jabba also accumulated a large amount, so the head of the underworld issued an order to kill him and sent many bounty hunters to chase him. Some bounty hunters almost succeeded in the encounters of Jude Mantel and Han.
       Han accepted the rank of the temporary colonel of the Rebel Alliance and was with the Rebels in many missions and adventures. When the Hoth attacked the Echo Base of the planet, the Millennium Falcon stopped there. When the road to the spacecraft of Princess Leia was cut off, Leia escaped from the captured base with the Millennium Falcon. Despite many failures, the Millennium Falcon escaped the Imperial fleet. When Han stopped to repair the Millennium Falcon, Han and Leia became intimate in these moments.
       When the Millennium Falcon fled Hoth, Sith Lord Darth Vader ordered that it be captured first. Vader made a reward and sent many bounty hunters. Because Solo's friend Lando Calrissian betrayed him, Boba Fett and Vader finally found Solo in the Cloud City of Bespin. There, after a battle, Solo and Leia were captured by Vader and carbon condensate to give the Hutt Jabba. Han entered a complete hibernation in the carbon coffin. Later, Leia, Lando, Chewbacca and Luke planned an action to rescue him from Jabba in the fortress of Tatooine.
       When his friends arrived at the palace of Jabba, Han was released from his carbon coffin. He endured a mild hibernation syndrome. In the ensuing battle, Han’s friends eventually destroyed the Hutt’s criminal head, and Solo’s debt was also written off. Solo also managed to knock Boba Fett into sarlacc's big mouth, ending the long-standing threat to him.
       After returning to the Confederate fleet, Solo accepted the appointment of the general. He was responsible for leading a raid to Endor. Their mission is to destroy the protective shield energy generating station responsible for protecting the second Death Star in the orbit. With the help of the local Eworks, the Rebel raids defeated the Imperial Army and destroyed the shield generators, paving the way for the victory of the Battle of Endor.
    How to cosplay Han Solo?
       After the film was released, the character Han Solo received a lot of fans, and these fans became more and more enthusiastic about cosplay of Han Solo. If you are also a big fan of Han Solo and want to cosplay him, you should choose a good set of costume to achieve the effect you want.
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