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  • October is really RS free players’ month. Not only is the RuneScape Dimension of the Damned coming, but plenty of member-only content will be accessed by F2P players. In addition, during October you can join in Halloween event and Novtumberfest RuneScape too. Let’s learn more and buy RS 3 gold.New free game mode - RuneScape Dimension of the DamnedThere will be a new totally free game mode - RuneScape Dimension of the https://www.rsgoldfast.com Damned heading your way, during which you need to focus on combat, crafting and cooperation.

    From October 16, around Falador and the rest of the F2P world, all of you can control a completely maxed version of your normal account to obtain points by killing plenty of different zombie types, or finding unique equipment, power-ups and useful materials. All of this aims to earn the invitation to the unique endgame.On October 28, every invited player will join in the 2-hour grand finale and only one survivor can walk away with unique prizes and glorious recognition.Plenty of member-only content available to F2PThe biggest amount of previously member-only content will be available until now, which is seven quests, the Fletching skill, two D&Ds, the Warriors' Guild, craftable off-hands, crossbows, more places to explore and more magical and ranged armour.2017 RuneScape Halloween event and NovtumberfestThe 2017 RuneScape Halloween event is mainly about storytelling, during which you will uncover sale tales and solve puzzles.

    And the rewards you can obtain contain a new Hallowe'en emote, title and a great cosmetic outfit.The new RuneScape Novtumberfest is about a beer festival with a great deal of fantastic activities, such as the new seasonal minigame Kegger, and the latest epic bar crawl through the world. Meanwhile, you can practice table dancing and ride the giant carousel. What is more, the various rewards are what you will have great interest in, including barrel pets, wolpertingers, thigh-slapping outfits, new dance emotes, and a healthy chunk of XP.Hope you can buy RS 3 gold enough before these fantastic updates comes.The RS3gold Team Finish Dragon Slayer 2 Reqs with RS07 Gold & Expect Make All OSRS
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October is really RS free players’ month