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  • How you prepare the POE Orbs -- whether you decide on Shaper or Elder -- is entirely up to you, though you can find reasons, perhaps, to never go every one of the way to one for reds or another. Those reasons are kept close for the GGG chest in the meantime, however, to offer players a new challenge to work towards and find out.

    We do know for sure this: As maps are completed, it changes the Atlas and that is in control. If the Elder might be more powerful dependant on areas of control, it may appear within the map briefly to take in an exclusive event. When this starts, The Elder literally sucks the essence out with the map's end boss and begins the Elder event the place that the player summon a Guardian who represents a far more challenging version on the now-depleted boss. For instance, we were treated to a lightning-themed boss depleted to create The Eradicator because guardian.

    "These are some on the most difficult battles ever and everyone's war differs. You decide laptop computer for you in relation to what belongings you want to battle for." Chris said.

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  • 9/6/18 at 1:00 AM -
    9/28/18 at 1:00 AM
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Elder is much more powerful according to areas of control