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  • Buy MS2 Mesos is celebrating its third anniversary, and also to mark the occasion Nexon has announced some in-game events.North America's most widely used free-to-play MMORPG delivers new areas, monsters, events and bosses to aid players celebrateLos Angeles, CA May 7, 2008 Nexon America Inc. celebrates another anniversary of their free-to-play blockbuster, MapleStory, by unveiling new areas, contests and events because of its Maple players. A worldwide sensation exceeding 85 million members, MapleStory has amassed 5.9 million users in North America in mere three years.

    GM events are planned during the entire month-long celebration, which features a Nexon Cash Shop sale just in time for summer. These anniversary events only add on the fun Maplers happen to be having within the Monster Carnival, fighting the Horntail or working the Maple Trading System, all added captured.The party extends beyond Maple World borders. Players who upload videos celebrating MapleStory's anniversary could win certainly one of five prizes, including a brand new computer worth $1,500.

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