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  • I was thinking about minigames that are currently in the wilderness that will soon be relocated to the "Gamer's Grotto" north of Falador. However I find the general idea to be terrible. Rather than making sure minigames are moved to the right places based on their history, they will simply be put in a sloppy place?

    I decided to have an examination of the minigames actually found in wild. Almost all of these seem to be incredibly "wild-centred" which is to say that they don't make sense just placed in a different location.

    The Mage Arena is dangerous because it is far north. There is a chance of being attacked on your way. Also, you don't have as much gear to fight in case you're attacked. The idea of stealing creation is an attempt to demonstrate that wilderness protection are effective. The camp is dedicated to the worship and reincarnation the revenant spirits who plague the godwars battlefields. The fist of Guthix is an ancient battle location guarded daily by the druids. Many warriors come to fight every day to gain some of its power.

    I'm aware that the actions 2 and 3 on the list will be retained. However, I also know that Clan Wars is not always limited to the wilderness. Clan Wars' ability to engage in combat for training purposes can easily be relocated to Al Kharid's famous duel area. The mages could create some interdimensional rifts by employing the same method to create POHs (yes, there's a backstory:D) and it's all fine and dandy.

    Since the revenants have gone into an unknown cave, it could be possible to move the theft of the creation. My opinion is that the home of the mystic ought to be located in the middle.
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