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    January 8, 2019 2:57 PM EET

    Last year, seven of my lifelong ggdb starter shoes friends made their transition back to the greater dimensions of the universe. One very young and the rest spread across a time line of decades. Each lived a spectacular life. You might say that each died with a grin on his or her face because they squeezed everything out of life, every minute of the day and every day of the years they lived on this amazing green globe out in the middle of the inkblack of the universe.

    1. Give yourself time. Neither Rome, nor ggdb starter an elegant equipage solution for your 12day elephant safari through Rajasthan, was built in a day; packing disasters are spawned through nightbefore(ormorningof)flight panic. I like to give myself a week of contemplation, listmaking and washing/drycleaning/shopping time. Also predeparture celebratory champagne drinking, obviously. Not nearly enough joy is taken in the anticipation of trips. I include myself in this admonition. Start feeling pleased NOW.

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