I am Hellene
Posted by Tasos Hatzis
Posted April 25, 2012 | 0 favorites
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I am Hellene - http://tmblr.co/ZPblzxKFjlMq Greek and English Subtitles available.. click the CC button on the lower right of the video. Based on the original "I am Canadian" video: http://youtu.be/BRI-A3vakVg -------- Hey,  I'm neither a public service worker, nor a thief.  And, I don't drink ouzo, break plates or say Opa in my daily life. Oh and I don't know Yorgo, Yanni, or Niko from Greece, although I am certain that they're really really nice...  My country is a democracy, actually it invented the concept...  I speak Greek and five other languages, and most of the people from my country speak at many foreign languages...  I could probably sew my country's flag in my backpack, but Greece's heritage goes far beyond the geographical borders. It invented the West...  I believe in Hellenism... The entire world aspires to its ideals... And if I owe anybody any money today -and by the way I am not the only one- it's because I invented the idea of a free market!  And if you critique me today, it's because I invented the idea of critique. I believe in Freedom , so if I need to, I protest...  I believe in the joy of life. I have the right to. There's nothing wrong with that! I can swim in the waters of over 6000 islands! My country is of exceptional beauty, and tradition. And my family is a sacred institution! You call me Greek, but it's Hellene, NOT Greek, HELLENE! My name is Katerina... And I am Hellene...
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